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Devcon 5 is a logistical and environmental disaster. Here’s Why.


Before I start. I would like to say Devcon 4 was AWESOME. Amazing Venue and amazing organization. Everything ran super smoothly. Please bring back those organizers for next year.

Now for Devcon 5….

  1. It seems like 80-90% of the attendees are from North America or Europe.

It appears that EF did not do any research or diligence on the geographical location of the attendees and for some reason decided to host Devcon 5 on the other side of the world. This means that 4000-5000 people had to buy expensive plane tickets (thousands of dollars) to unnecessarily burn carbon and invert their timezones for a 3.5 day conference.

The average flight from New York to Japan burns about 2.5 Metric Tons of carbon per person. A rough estimate would put the carbon cost for Devcon 5 at 8,000-12,000 Metric Tons of CO2 emissions!

Can we please be responsible global citizens and do some basic research on the geographical location of attendees and chose a geographical location that will minimize the carbon cost of the conference next year? The Earth thanks you!

2) There is no Wifi at the conference. This is simply unacceptable. 5000 tickets x 1000 euros is 5 million euros in revenue. And there’s no Wifi. Whoever is responsible for this simply can not be in charge of next years devcon. We paid 1000 euros.

3) The venue is not great (to put it mildly). It’s far from main area of downtown, and it’s in a mall with multiple entrances on multiple floors. There is a basement level and then elevators to floor 6 for other rooms. There is no security. There are no badges with names of attendees. There are only wristbands. Anyone can just walk into this conference easily without a ticket.

4) They ran out of food tickets. People had to go and buy lunch themselves which were supposed to be included.

5) There are Ethereum competitors speaking on the main stage. Will we invite EOS to Devcon 6? We paid 1000 euros to hear other blockchains shill their blockchains. Come on…

Other than that everything else is great. Lots of awesome talks, technical updates, great projects launching, etc.

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