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Ethereum Needs To Play A Major Role Before Merging With ETH 2.0


The largest altcoin by market cap named Ethereum needs to play a major role before it merges with the Ethereum 2.0 (ETH 2.0), as the latest ETH news show. The first phase is approaching, but there is still something that Ethereum 1.0 needs to get over with until the two versions’ best parts gradually merge. This is what Jacek Sieka, the Head of Research at Nimbus, said recently.

Nimbus is now working on a solution for the Ethereum scalability issue and developing clients for both of its versions. As Sieka said:

“We expect ETH 1.0 to play a major role in the foreseeable future, but slowly converging to a single “Ethereum” over time as the good parts of each version come together,”

The cryptocurrency news show that there is some unifying networking technology that is ready, including the modular peer-to-peer networking stack libp2p, and Sieka noted that Ethereum 1.0 and 2.0 could be bridged over the same network, which would result in increased security, resilience and network participation. “We anticipate similar simplifications across all areas of Ethereum,” he stated.

ethereum eth 2.0 1.0

“However, he said, “the final 20% of any phase always ends up being the largest challenge,” and for ETH 2.0 at this point “that means ironing out any remaining issues, agreeing on one specifications version of all the significant components involved, and getting a great user experience in place.”

In the next steps, Ethereum needs to play a major role and now that the core specification is prepared, there is still work to be done on user experience. Furthermore, all clients must pass security audits and the entire system needs to be stress-tested from a performance and security standpoint, as they said.

Basically, the team is now working on a light Ethereum 1.0 client as part of Nimbus as, for example, running Ethereum 2.0 requires access to Ethereum 1.0 to handle deposits.  “With Nimbus we can offer both in a single application, simplifying running the stack as it was originally intended, without any 3rd party services,” Sieka said.

The Nimbus team ran a mobile ETH 2.0 wallet for the first time in February, which Sieka said should be seen as an experiment to push the boundaries and discover the limitations, weak points and opportunities of the technologies involved.