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[HowTo] Create and use a Taproot pockets on Testnet in Bitcoin Core v22.0


Disclaimer: This information describes a Home windows-10 setup, makes use of the Testnet community and requires an exterior device to generate a BIP32 prolonged personal key “xprv” / “tprv”). If you recognize a great way to generate a “tprv” in v22.0, please let me know.)

With the activation of Taproot, it’s possible an excellent time to get acquainted with the taproot addresses and wallets. Because the surfacing of taproot within the bitcoin-core GUI continues to be within the early levels, a few of this how-to will really feel a bit kludgey. Issues will get less complicated in subsequent releases I am certain.

The fundamental purpose of this walkthrough might be to create a Taproot pockets utilizing the descriptor pockets function and the bech32m config possibility. That is on no account “required”, it’s merely a strategy to familiarize your self with the brand new options launched this yr in bitcoin core.

Listed below are the overall steps. Be happy to skip forward as wanted:

[0] TLDR; This obtained longer than I meant

  1. Set up bitcoin v22
  2. Launch in testnet
  3. Create a brand new descriptor pockets
  4. Use importdescriptors to make a Taproot descriptor
  5. Revenue

If that makes good sense, your executed, if not, learn the detailed steps.

I. Obtain Bitcoin-Core v22.0

In case you are already at model 22.0 or v0.21 you’ll be able to skip this step. This can format the steps for Window-10. Clearly you should not belief my hyperlinks, however I am going to present them anyway. The installer hash needs to be: 9169989d649937c0f9ebccd3ab088501328aa319fe9e91fc7ea8e8cf0fcccede

  1. Obtain Bitcoin-Core model 22.0 Installer Onion hyperlink for UK people))
  2. Obtain the v22.0 checksum file Onion hyperlink for UK people))
  3. Obtain the v22.0 checksum signature file Onion hyperlink for UK people))
  4. Confirm the installer obtain Onion hyperlink for UK people))

II. Set up Bitcoin-Core v22.0

The Authenticode thumbprint on the installer needs to be: 47cda868c6e7c97b54963041922cfd283c2c961d

  1. If that is an improve, shut any current copy of bitcoin in execution.
  2. Launch bitcoin-22.0-win64-setup.exe downloaded beforehand
  3. On the installer UAC verification warning click on Present extra particulars
  4. Within the expanded particulars click on Present details about writer's certificates
  5. Within the certificates web page, click on the Particulars tab
  6. Within the particulars record, click on Thumbprint close to the underside
  7. Confirm the Thumbprint matches 47cda868c6e7c97b54963041922cfd283c2c961d
  8. Shut the certificates window and settle for the warning to start out the set up

III. Launch Bitcoin-Core v22.0 on Testnet

We’ll run and configure on testnet for the reason that cash don’t have any value. In step #5, you will have so as to add the next strains to the bitcoin.conf file:

take a look at.addresstype=bech32m take a look at.changetype=bech32m 
  1. On the beginning menu, search or run “Bitcoin Core (testnet, 64-bit)”
  2. As soon as loaded, choose Choices from the Settings menu
  3. Click on Open Configuration File and settle for the warning
  4. A textual content editor ought to open with a clean file known as bitcoin.conf.
  5. Within the bitcoin.conf file, add the 2 strains talked about above, save, and shut the file
  6. Exit, shut and and restart “Bitcoin Core (testnet, 64-bit)”

In case you are caught downloading testnet blocks, you’ll be able to nonetheless proceed by step IV and step V

IV. Generate a testnet tprv to make use of in Bitcoin Core v22.0

You may make a tprv any manner you need, this is likely one of the simpler methods I do know of. For this part, open a clean textual content file and duplicate the next three strains to it, we are going to edit it as we progress.

your_mnemonic: __mnemo__ getdescriptorinfo "tr(__tprv__/86'/1'/0'/0/*)" importdescriptors "[{"desc":"tr(__tprv__/86'/1'/0'/0/*)#__chksum__","active":true,"timestamp":"now","range":[0,1000],"next_index":1}]" 
  1. Go to Ian’s BIP39 web site
  2. Change the “Phrases” choice from 15 to 12 and click on Generate
  3. Change the “Coin” selector to BTC - Bitcoin Testnet
  4. In your textual content file change __mnemo__ with the textual content in “BIP39 Mnemonic”
  5. In your textual content file change each cases of __tprv__ with the textual content in “BIP32 Root Key”

V. Create a Taproot Pockets

We’ll make one ultimate edit to your textual content file so preserve it open…

  1. Again in Bitcoin-Core, decide Create Pockets from the File menu
  2. Title your pockets descwallet
  3. Choose the “Make Clean Pockets” and “Make Descriptor Pockets” checkboxes, then click on Create
  4. Decide Console from the Window menu
  5. On the prime of the console window, set the pockets selector to descwallet
  6. Out of your textual content file copy the finished getdescriptorinfo command (second line) and paste it within the console (hit enter)
  7. You will get an 8 character checksum from the command, use it to exchange the __chksum__ tag in your textual content file
  8. Out of your textual content file copy the finished importdescriptors command (third line) and paste it within the console (hit enter)
  9. If you happen to get a "success": true response, it labored, you’ll be able to shut your console window.

For reference, your ultimate importdescriptors command ought to look one thing like this, although the __tprv__, and __chksum__ fields might be totally different, clearly.

importdescriptors "[{"desc":"tr(tprv8ZgxMBicQKsPdD3rvZEHuMSXTFGG399p6rMxnqyqFnDuNbMLc7xCfLUryJnLqYUHUiRFJKhDpGXJyz5nVsgkidh65PDC5AVWoNEKA2XLSLf/86'/1'/0'/0/*)#czml648s","active":true,"timestamp":"now","range":[0,1000],"next_index":1}]" 

VI. Get some Testnet cash from a faucet

You will want to have accomplished your testnet block obtain, so whether it is nonetheless downloading, go to mattress and resume this within the morning. If you happen to do not like sketchy faucet websites, simply publish a testnet-bech32 or testnet-bech32m handle and possibly somebody on thread will ship you some.

  1. From the principle Bitcoin-core pockets display, set the pockets selector (in prime proper) to descwallet
  2. Click on the Obtain tab on the principle pockets display
  3. Be certain to UNCHECK Generate native segwit (Bech32) handle
  4. Click on Create new receiving handle to get a taproot bech32m handle (begins with tb1p)
  5. Go to and reply the captcha (trace: the “plus” signal typically appears to be like like “x”)
  6. Use the tb1p handle you simply generated to obtain cash from the tap


This was as thorough and easy an evidence as I may handle for utilizing the importdescriptors command to make a Taproot pockets. Finally you’ll possible need to generate some change-addresses and probably do a keypoolrefill, however if you happen to obtained this far you’ll be able to possible determine the remaining out. Credit score for all of this goes to u/pwuille and bitcoin-dev mailing record for pointing me in the correct route on my earlier thread.

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