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Introducing rosetta-bitcoin: Coinbase’s Bitcoin implementation of the Rosetta API


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Lastly, we can validate the Construction API endpoints using the `check:construction` command:

rosetta-cli check:construction --configuration-file bitcoin_testnet.json

This test will create, broadcast, and confirm testnet transactions until we reach our specified exit conditions (# of successful transactions of each type). This test automatically adjusts fees based on the estimated size of the transactions it creates and returns all funds to a faucet address at the end of the test.

When you are done playing around with rosetta-bitcoin, run the following command to shut it down:

docker kill --signal=2 <container_id>

Future Work

  • Publish benchmarks for sync speed, storage usage, and load testing on both testnet and mainnet
  • Implement Rosetta API /mempool/transaction endpoint
  • Add CI test to repository using rosetta-cli (likely on a regtest network)
  • Support Multi-Sig transactions and multi-phase transaction construction
  • Write a wallet package (using rosetta-sdk-go primitives) to orchestrate transaction construction for any Rosetta implementation (you can find some early work on this effort here)

If you are interested in any of these items, reach out on the community site.

Work at Coinbase

We are actively hiring passionate developers to join the Crypto team and a developer relations lead to work on the Rosetta project. If you are interested in helping to build this common language for interacting with blockchains, Coinbase is hiring.

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