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Firm Hopes to Fight Crypto Ad Ban With ICO Website Designed For Companies and Consumers

A company says ICO tracking websites can help startups struggling to gain publicity after tech giants banned crypto advertising.

A website that tracks initial coin offerings (ICOs) says its platform can help crypto startups reach potential investors amid a recent clampdown on advertising imposed by some of the biggest players in Silicon Valley.

Facebook fired the starting pistol at the end of January by declaring it will start banning ads for cryptocurrencies and ICOs which deploy “misleading or deceptive promotional practices.” Last month, Google announced it was updating its Financial Services policy- meaning no crypto-related ads will be accepted from June. Twitter then followed suit and said it was motivated by user safety.

ICObazaar says the ban is impeding exciting projects at a time when the market is flourishing, with fledgling businesses losing access to one of the cheapest ways of reaching the public at large.

These “new challenges” in advertising come as investors struggle to navigate opportunities amid regulation concerns, but ICObazaar argues trackers like its own bring compelling advantages for consumers and companies alike.

Benefits of ICO trackers for businesses

The company says crypto startups which use an ICO tracking website to publicize their offering have a greater chance of ensuring that only accurate information makes its way to prospective investors. This is because every project has the chance to submit details about their crowdsale to the platform directly.

Although the latest restrictions on advertising by internet giants caused jitters in the crypto markets, ICObazaar argues that using niche websites could be more effective in yielding results, in part because dedicated investors are likelier to visit specialized platforms. By contrast, traditional campaigns through Internet giants can be seen by millions of people, even though just a small percentage might be interested in making a financial commitment.

Finally, many ICO tracking websites independently rate the projects on their platforms and a good score can improve their standing and result in greater levels of investment. The company says these advantages can be obtained at a “reasonable price.”

Goal to help consumers find viable ICOs

For prospective investors, ICObazaar claims its platform can prove invaluable because of how it performs due diligence to determine whether ICOs are viable. The company says this is achieved through the use of expert analysis on past, current and future offerings, as well as reviews from engaged and impartial investors who use the website regularly.

The website says it wants to alert users to the most trusted and promising crowdsales as determined by their peers, helping reduce the risk that someone will risk their capital on a fraudulent project.

Every listed project is accompanied by a rating in five areas, with the highest score being five: the team, the project’s website, their idea and white paper, media and community, and technical implementation. An independent expert provides a sixth rating using their own criteria. The best rating that can be achieved by an ICO is AAA- representing an investment-grade opportunity with a “reasonable potential to return profit.”

Projects can also be categorized as speculative, high-risk and default. The lowest score is D, and visitors to ICOs with such a poor rating are warned these startups are “major investment red flags” with flaws in their business model and a “minimal chance that projects will develop profitably.”

Crunching the numbers on ICOs

According to ICObazaar’s website, more than $1.7 bln has been pledged in ICO campaigns to date with more than 90 crowdsales taking part over the past month. The ICO which broke the most records was Status Network, an open-source messenger and browser allowing users to interact with Blockchain-based apps running on Ethereum.

ICObazaar says its goal is to guide cryptocurrency holders to successful initiatives, making its platform “perfect” for businesses seeking input from informed investors.


Disclaimer. Cointelegraph does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you all important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as an investment advice.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum Prices Remain Steady Despite ‘Crypto Ban’ From India’s Central Bank

Bitcoin has fallen slightly below $7,000, and ETH remains close to $400, after a week of mixed news in the crypto ecosystem.

The crypto markets are holding their own this week, with Bitcoin (BTC) not venturing too far away from $7,000, even amid news that India’s central bank would stop dealing with crypto-related businesses.

The relatively steady prices could be attributed to a big adoption win in Asia yesterday, when Omise and OmiseGO signed a Memorandum of Understanding for fintech and Blockchain innovation with a South Korean banking affiliate.

BTC is currently trading for around $6,880, up a little more than 3 percent over a 24 hour period to press time.


Ethereum (ETH) is also nearing $400, currently trading at around $381 and up a little more than 3 percent over a 24 hour period to press time.


Of the top ten coins listed on CoinMarketCap, only EOS is in the red, down less than 1 percent over a 24 hour period and trading for around $5.92 to press time.

Monero, which recently updated its protocol to protect the cryptocurrency against ASIC miners, specifically Bitmain’s recently announced Antimer X3, is up a little more than 1 percent over a 24 hour period, in 11th place on CoinMarketCap, trading around $170 by press time.

Total market cap is around $258 bln according to data from CoinMarketCap, up from April 1’s intraweek low of around $243 bln.

Global charts

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Walmart And Moneygram Partnership Could Pump Ripple (XRP)

On Tuesday, April 3rd, Walmart and Moneygram partnered to launch a new global money remitting service known as Wallmart2World. This is good news for the Ripple (XRP) community for Moneygram had already partnered with Ripple in early January. Moneygram is testing out Ripple’s xRapid payment solution that comes with all the good properties of Ripple: secure on the blockchain, fast (3.3 seconds per transaction) and cheap ($0.0004 per transaction).

Wallmart2World is scheduled for launch in all 4,700 U.S Stores with three key features to differentiate the service to any other global wire service out there:

  • Unique Pricing Structure: Wherever you are in the United States, and to wherever you are sending money, the new, low fees for Walmart2World are the same – $4 to send up to $50, $8 to send $51 to $1,000, and $16 to send $1,001 to $2,500. This is unlike other international transfer services that change the fee to transfer money based on where sender and/or receiver are located.
  • Highly Competitive Exchange Rates: Walmart is committed to ensuring customers receive a more competitive foreign exchange rate when transferring money using Walmart2World. The new Walmart2World low fees, combined with these great exchange rates deliver incredible value for international sends.
  • Delivery Within Minutes to Worldwide Network: Compared to other international wire services that can take up to three days, Walmart2World will deliver funds in 10 minutes or less, whether the receiver opts to pick up the money at any one of MoneyGram’s agent locations in 200 countries, or an international bank or mobile wallet account.

How big is Walmart?

Walmart is one of the largest multinational retail corporation that was founded in 1962 and continues to grow its wings around the globe. Walmart is currently in 28 countries with 11,718 stores. It is also the world’s largest company by revenue: approximately $48 Billion according to Fortune Global 500 list in 2016.

How big is Moneygram?

Moneygram is the second largest provider of money transfers in the world. It operates in over 200 countries with a global network of approximately 347,000 agent offices. The company’s revenue according to 2017 data was estimated at $1.6 Billion with a reported growth of 25% the same year.

Moneygram is testing xRapid. What is it? And when will it be integrated?

xRapid uniquely uses a digital asset, XRP, to offer on-demand liquidity, which dramatically lowers costs while enabling real-time payments in emerging markets. Built for enterprise use, XRP offers banks and payment providers a highly efficient, scalable, reliable liquidity option to service cross-border payments.

There has been no definite date as to when the testing will be completed and full integration of xRapid into Moneygram services. When the testing is complete and xRapid is utilized, this could be the moment for XRP once again in the markets.

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In India, Ethereum’s the New King of Cryptocurrency, not Bitcoin

Ethereum web site

At the time upon a time bitcoin took the earth by storm with 1000’s of individuals inquiring Google ‘what is bitcoin?’ Each and every blessed day. Some of these crypto greenhorns did not even care significantly or also know the existence of altcoins. However, all that is shifting now as the earth has began warming up to Ethereum’s ether and other altcoins.

The Next Greatest Point

In accordance to stories, in the previous five months, Indian crypto fans have gained more interest in Vitalik Buterin’s ether than Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin.

Ethereum attracted a whopping 34.4 per cent of the total currency queries in India whilst bitcoin bought 29.nine per cent, which is rather meager compared to the pent-up interest it created in September. People’s interest in ether was unusually higher through the past week of February as queries for the coin doubled that of bitcoin.

India’s no cost world-wide-web support service provider, Jana also located that as significantly as 21.two per cent of the queries were hunting to acquire NEM from India’s favorite exchange BuyUCoin and the other altcoins managed a five per cent research final result.

Indian Searches Show Better Desire in Ethereum

As anticipated, when the cost of bitcoin virtually strike $20,000 in December 2017, cryptocurrency queries accounted for thirty per cent of all research benefits through the five-month time period of the review.

Ethereum’s ether strike an all-time higher of in close proximity to $1,500 in early 2018 when the regulatory pressure on bitcoin was attempting to achieve momentum.

Due to the fact the altcoin is 2nd in command, with a market cap of about $37 billion at press time, it was typical for individuals to get interested in ETH as lots of should have been imagining it was heading to the moon.

The CEO of Jana, Nathan Eagle, instructed Quartz:

“Search quantity is a main indicator of what has momentum and is displaying indications of development. It may well not correspond to individuals buying more ethereum, but there is absolutely a great deal more interest.”

Eagle’s summation may well not solely be suitable mainly because it could as effectively had been that a great deal of individuals were buying ethereum then due to ‘fear of missing out.’  The meteoric increase of bitcoin has assumed a great deal of crypto fans that any coin can strike the moon at any time. As a result after an altcoin starts off displaying even the slightest indications of skyrocketing, individuals tend to bounce in as immediately as doable.

FUD Killed It

In January 2018 the Indian Finance minister, Arun Jaitley, manufactured it clear after more that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will not be dealt with as legal tenders. This information dramatically manufactured a great deal of traders lose interest in the market.

“The authorities is recommending shutting down exchanges and restricting currencies completely, coupled with the decline in costs has direct to the feverish pitch waning absent considerably. There are still rather a great deal of queries, but possibly we’re finding nearer to what a correct constant state need to glance like,” stated Eagle.

Of a truth, some traders who borrowed money to acquire bitcoin at $20,000 may well have shed faith in the marketplaces, however, correct hodlers like an Arizona Attorney, Scott Weiss is not ready to provide off his cash. “I come to feel the correct very same about my crypto expenditure at a $20,000 cost as I did about it at a $6,500 cost. I am a extensive-phrase holder and imagine bitcoin will survive this turbulence,” he declared.

Will bitcoin at any time surpass the $20,000 cost area all over again? Time will explain to.  

Ethereum News

The post In India, Ethereum’s the New King of Cryptocurrency, not Bitcoin appeared first on Ethereum Blog.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum Rates Keep on being Continual Regardless of ‘Crypto Ban’ From India’s Central Lender

Ethereum site

The crypto marketplaces are keeping their own this week, with Bitcoin (BTC) not venturing as well considerably away from $7,000, even amid news that India’s central financial institution would stop working with crypto-related companies.

The rather steady costs could be attributed to a massive adoption earn in Asia yesterday, when Omise and OmiseGO signed a Memorandum of Knowledge for fintech and Blockchain innovation with a South Korean banking affiliate.

BTC is presently investing for all-around $six,880, up a very little a lot more than three % in excess of a 24 hour period to press time.


Ethereum (ETH) is also nearing $400, presently investing at all-around $381 and up a very little a lot more than three % in excess of a 24 hour period to press time.


Of the top ten cash mentioned on CoinMarketCap, only EOS is in the crimson, down a lot less than one % in excess of a 24 hour period and investing for all-around $five.92 to press time.

Monero, which recently current its protocol to defend the cryptocurrency towards ASIC miners, specifically Bitmain’s recently announced Antimer X3, is up a very little a lot more than one % in excess of a 24 hour period, in eleventh location on CoinMarketCap, investing all-around $one hundred seventy by press time.

Whole sector cap is all-around $258 bln according to data from CoinMarketCap, up from April 1’s intraweek lower of all-around $243 bln.

Global charts

Ethereum Information

The post Bitcoin, Ethereum Rates Keep on being Continual Regardless of ‘Crypto Ban’ From India’s Central Lender appeared first on Ethereum Blog.

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George Soros Warms Up To Crypto (BTC, ETH, XRP)

In an epic move, George Soros, the billionaire business magnate and investor, is now in the business of cryptocurrency investing. Soros was initially one of the prominent investors that were vehemently against Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto in general earlier this year.

Adam Fisher, who oversees macro investing at New York-based Soros Fund Management, says he got internal approval for the move to trade in digital assets a few months ago. Mr. Fisher is yet to declare the depth of the investment by the fund.

This is a complete 180 degree turn from what Soros said in January this year. He was quoted as saying:

“Cryptocurrency is a misnomer and is a typical bubble, which is always based on some kind of misunderstanding…Bitcoin is not a currency because a currency is supposed to be a stable store of value and the currency that can fluctuate 25% in a day can’t be used for instance to pay wages because wages drop by 25% in a day. It’s a speculation. Based on a misunderstanding.” 

From the point of view of many Crypto traders and enthusiasts, his statement were viewed as ‘blasphemous’. But you can at least try to put yourself in Soros’ shoes when he made these statements. Blockchain and crytpocurrencies came into the global limelight in a manner similar to a Tsunami. And being a traditional investors of stocks, bonds and shares, digital assets would look like ponzi schemes to Mr. Soros.

But for the generation that is under 35 who have grown up with the internet, video games and social media, cryptocurrencies seemed like any other good idea in their generation similar to the iPhone or Spotify. This is why we find teenagers being Bitcoin millionaires after buying the coin years ago using their $20 weekly allowances that they saved up under their pillows.

Soros joins a growing list of big investors who have seen the proverbial light of cryptocurrencies and their potential to change global economics. Another Bitcoin doubter turned believer, is the popular Shark Tank Investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban. He too had declared Bitcoin as being a bubble only for him to recant his statements and further accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment for tickets to see the Dallas Mavericks play.

We can now safely bet that J.P Morgan’s Chairman and CEO, Jamie Damon, will also see the light and potential of cryptocurrencies after also calling Bitcoin a fraud earlier this year.

The post George Soros Warms Up To Crypto (BTC, ETH, XRP) appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Tim Draper Calls India’s Crypto Stance A “Huge Mistake,” Warns Of Potential Brain Drain

Investor Tim Draper may have returned to the Indian markets, but he remains critical of the country’s less-than-welcoming attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

Tech investor Tim Draper, whose recent re-entry to India’s market was prompted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise to crackdown on corruption, nevertheless criticized India’s negative stance on cryptocurrencies during an interview with The Economic Times published yesterday, April 6.

Draper had returned to the Indian market in February 2017 – having exited it in 2016 due to a perceived lack of “rule of law” prompting Draper Fisher Jurvetson to sell their entire Indian portfolio – when the Mumbai-based startup backer Blume Ventures joined the Draper Venture Network.

India’s central bank had announced on April 5 that they would no longer deal with crypto-related accounts – not the direct government ban on crypto which had been falsely rumoured in early February. India’s Ministry of Finance had also criticized cryptocurrency as a “Ponzi scheme” without “intrinsic value” at the beginning of January.

Despite his positive outlook on Modi’s ability to stamp out corruption, Draper calls the Indian government’s denial of cryptocurrency as valid tender as “the stupidest thing,” also referencing China’s similar stance:

“If I had a meeting with Modi, I would have let him know he is making a huge mistake.”

Draper notes that “Bitcoin and [B]lockchain are the best things to have happened for business,” adding that “countries such as India, where billions of rupees are wasted on inefficiencies and needless paperwork, will benefit most from the ease and security of blockchain.” If India makes cryptocurrency illegal, then, according to Draper, “other countries will raise their hands to get all the [Indian Blockchain] entrepreneurs:”

“If the local authorities are banning crypto, then companies in the space should move elsewhere. The government needs to realize that it is stifling innovation and should instead be creating an environment where these ideas can be tested and promoted. They have the choice to be trendsetters and attract the world’s best engineers and coders, or lose their best and brightest to other regions.”

Draper, who is a Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast, said during the interview that Bitcoin “should be the national currency” of India, for Draper believes that its “global” nature and ability to store value will make it “acceptable everywhere for transactions” in a few years.

Draper also spoke about the potential for Blockchain to “roc[k] the venture capital business,” creating a competitive virtual environment where only the “flexible and reinvent[ive]” will be successful:

“Down the road, you won’t have to physically leave a place to choose a better government. From wherever I am, I can get social security from Chile, healthcare insurance from Canada, education from Russia. The whole system will be much more virtual.”

In regards to investments in future Indian Blockchain and crypto startups, Draper mentioned that Blume Ventures and Boost VC had co-invested in Unocoin, and that he will “continue to seek other opportunities.”

One of Unocoin’s co-founders, Sathvik Vishwanath, had said earlier this week that the central bank has not taken the “right direction” in regards to cryptocurrencies, citing that the bank’s ban will “cause panic among a few million people in India who are already using [cryptocurrencies.]”

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Is Ripple About to Turn out to be An additional Ethereum?

Ethereum blog

Is Ripple About to Become Another Ethereum?


For only the second time in its record, an endeavor at tokenizing Ripple’s XRP ledger by way of an initial coin supplying (ICO) is remaining seriously presented by a group not formally connected with the company. It’s an exciting juxtaposition for a project broadly thought to be actively separating by itself from the messiness of the cryptocurrency planet. ICOs are an unintended use situation, it turns out, for the legacy banking establishment’s preferred new settlement tech, and, if it proves profitable, could force the XRP ledger into Ethereum territory.  

Also go through: India Lookups for Ethereum About Bitcoin

Ripple’s XRP Ledger May possibly Be an Accidental Ethereum

“XRP Ledger is open-resource and a decentralized system,” a Ripple spokesperson is described to have commented, “so people can make whatsoever they want, but Ripple is not fascinated in promoting or supporting ICOs on the ledger.” The dismissive assertion will come from the information that a Brazilian group of earnest XRP followers have introduced Allvor, an ambitious ICO crafted on top rated of the tech, considerably in the way equivalent proposals occur on purpose with Ethereum.

Is Ripple About to Become Another Ethereum?
Ripple is generally lambasted as remaining far too shut to electric power.

ERC20 endeavours, even so, arrive with significant baggage, as a lot less than honorable tasks are connected with it. And in an progressively competitive crowdfunding ecosystem, entrepreneurs in this house are seeking for inventive approaches to current the plan. Ripple has extended been connected with standard banking worries, and features about that fact. It’s harmless to presume an ICO touting even a loose affiliation with the 3rd largest crypto by market place cap, and darling of the standing quo, could be equipped to attract a quite penny.

Is Ripple About to Become Another Ethereum?
Cleyton Domingues

Allvor expenses by itself as “the to start with cryptocurrency issued in the XRP Ledger with a focus on e-commerce,” writes Cleyton Domingues, co-founder and Community Policy and Administration Officer in Brazil’s Ministry of Financial system, Setting up and Development. Mr. Domingues, along with associates Syval Peres and Leandro Gonçalves, insists “integrating the XRP Ledger’s superior technology with units and protocols utilised in e-commerce as a way to raise the cryptocurrency use on a international scale,” breathlessly describing XRP as “the very best and most effective distributed database technology at any time designed.”  

Complicating matters for Allvor are a lot of-fold: for an ecommerce option to operate, it should have infrastructure, not just a declare to transaction pace, and that will take revenue ALV, then, will be the token to assistance that approach along. In addition, the project is bootstrapped which inevitably usually means an airdrop, which by the nature of the XRP Ledger usually means users should in essence concur to the project in purchase to receive and use ALV. And that bit is in fact a offering level for Mr. Domingues, who thinks this kind of a function will allow for a variety of user management unheard of using Ethereum, for illustration.

Is Ripple About to Become Another Ethereum?

Been There, Done That  

At minimum one particular XRP fanatic is voicing rigorous skepticism at the prospect of Allvor. “The whole sum of ALV to be made equals to the whole sum of XRP in existence,” a commenter wrote, “However Allvor has allocated only 5% for the initial launch. Theoretically all XRP holders could apply for the Airdrop, so what transpires in this situation, 95% of them will be remaining out?”

Is Ripple About to Become Another Ethereum?

There is also the situation of “telling a 3rd anonymous get together how considerably XRP you maintain and what is/are your account(s). If you do not use a proxy, you will expose to Allvor your IP deal with far too, mainly because you will have to use their application to sign up, see their whitepaper. Maybe you will expose even extra, so far we do not know what will the registration precisely glimpse like,” the commenter concerned.

To that conclusion, XRP is owning a heck of a time striving to get detailed on exchanges. Notoriously, stories have it Ripple tried to sweeten a potential trade addition by supplying gobs of revenue. No takers. This produces an exciting problem for all those who could want to alter their ALV placement, making an attempt to cash out.

Is Ripple About to Become Another Ethereum?
Jon Holmquist’s tongue-in-cheek message to Allvor

And this is not the to start with time a Ripple ICO has been attempted. Summer time of past yr, Jon Holmquist introduced an ill-fated project, only to be squashed two days afterwards by way of US Securities and Exchange worries. In solution, he stepped again absolutely, creating “I will not be collaborating in the auction at all. I will not set in a bid for any of the PRX tokens. I think I am lawfully barred from carrying out so in the U.S. under auctioneering rules.” 

Do you think ICOs are XRP Ledger’s long run? Permit us know what you think in the responses underneath.

Illustrations or photos through Shutterstock, Jon Holmquist, Allvor. 

We obtained it all at Bitcoin.com. Do you want to top rated up on some bitcoins? Do it in this article. Want to converse your mind? Get concerned in our discussion board. Wanna gamble? We gotcha.


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Virtue Poker Tokens Obtainable for Ethereum on April twenty five

Ethereum web site

Virtue Poker

Virtue Poker, a poker community constructed on blockchain know-how about the cryptocurrency Ethereum, is readying for its April twenty five token sale and has launched a breakdown of some critical figures with regards to their proprietary token.

Virtue Poker Points, or VPPs, will be the token of choice for token consumers and users on Virtue Poker, even though U.S. citizens can not partake in the preliminary sale. The VPPs can be applied in 3 methods, as outlined by PokerNews in a current piece:

  • Employed as an in-match currency at the poker tables
  • Employed to obtain unique tournaments which includes freerolls and satellites
  • “Locked” in a wise deal named the Justice Registry that enables users to stake tokens and validate hands on the community in trade for costs from players

Though that previous stage might be a little bit bewildering to users, it’s element of Virtue Poker’s exceptional process of monitoring tables and making sure honest participate in. Much more can be uncovered as a result of the Virtue Poker white paper.

Mechanics of the Token Sale

The April twenty five token sale will see one hundred million VPPs dispersed to token consumers. That signifies twenty p.c of the 500 million overall VPPs that will be minted by the Virtue Poker group.

Token consumers can order the VPPs by distributing Ethereum to a deal tackle after the sale starts. Ethereum can only be despatched from appropriate wallets — Metamask, MIST and Gnosis had been recognized by the Virtue group — and not exchanges.

The sale will previous possibly two months or when $twelve.five million value of Ethereum has been elevated, whichever arrives to start with. At that stage, the overall sum elevated will determine the ultimate cost per token. Relying on the windfall, it will be concerning a higher of $.one hundred twenty five if the really hard cap is arrived at and $.06 if the tender cap is arrived at.

Proceeds will then be applied in the next method:

  • forty p.c applied for platform growth
  • forty p.c applied for marketing and advertising
  • ten p.c for legal fees
  • five p.c for consultants
  • five p.c for enterprise growth and partnerships

Virtue Poker’s Approaching Debut

The early adopter token sale on April twenty five is the to start with possibility for the general public to get hold of VPPs, and a important chunk of the prepared overall VPPs will be offered. Consumers who are in on the floor floor will get the possibility to participate in alpha and beta tests following obtaining their hands on their shares of the one hundred million tokens.

Just a several months keep on being, and with the likes of Phil Ivey coming aboard the Virtue group, marketplace observers will be watching closely to see if poker and cryptocurrency could form a robust base for a new player in the on the web poker earth.

Master about Virtue Poker in the video under:

Have you ever required to write your individual content articles about poker? Perhaps you’ve received some ordeals or views about poker that you would like to share. PokerNews is very pleased to launch The PN Website where you can have a platform to make your voice listened to. Master extra below.

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