How To Successfully Promote Your Airdrop or ICO

How To Successfully Promote Your Airdrop or ICO

As more and more people are becoming interested in cryptocurrencies, the number of related businesses and projects is increasing day by day. For these businesses to quickly attract more and more customers, various marketing and advertising strategies are used. An effective method of crypto-advertising are airdrops.

What are airdrops you ask? Airdrops involve the distribution of newly issued tokens/coins in a certain proportion to holders of specific digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Basically, if you HOLD a type of coin, you are entitled to claim other tokens just because you own the parent coin on which the airdrop is being done. To receive such tokens, a customer would have to fill in a survey or complete some required social media tasks (such as posting or retweeting), which will provide you with data that you will be able to later use in your marketing strategy.

Digital token developers are using airdropping as a new marketing strategy to spread awareness to targeted investors, increase exposure and encouraging mass adoption of their coin. But even though airdropping is a very effective way of making your brand and product known in the crypto space, if done incorrectly it may not get you profitable results and may even end in capital failure.

For such marketing strategy to succeed, the campaign would need qualitative targeted traffic that involves an audience which is interested in cryptos. Until recently, a majority of airdrop campaigns were hosted on the online platforms of Google AdWords, Twitter or Facebook, but now that is no longer possible, as all of these companies banned crypto- related advertising.

Because of this mass ban by the online media giants, many advertisers started looking for new alternatives. As a result, there were developed advertising networks that are focused solely on crypto-related matters.

Coinzilla is one of these advertising networks that offers businesses a suitable crypto-advertising solution by providing high-quality floating and standard IAB banners which have placement on relevant sites such as,, and other known websites from the industry.

Coinzilla offers marketing packages which are very flexible, being developed to provide the maximum amount of exposure that an airdrop campaign requires.

The advertising network has successfully conducted over 90 airdrop campaigns, and their team of developers is constantly looking for new ways of improving and updating each campaign, by providing useful advice for a successful promotion.

Coinzilla is a powerful and useful instrument in the world of crypto advertising, which will raise the exposure of your airdrop campaign or other crypto-related products and services. They provide a substantial ROI and helps your business become a well-known brand. In addition to providing a substation ROI, this advertising platform will help you consolidate your brand name.



  • High-quality crypto-related traffic
  • Very competitive rates
  • Personal account managers with experience in the airdrop campaigns
  • 99% Fillrate
  • Important referrers (,,
  • Payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Euro bank transfers
  • Highly converting banners


  • Your currency must have a clear whitepaper
  • Your campaign must be approved by your account manager

Coinzilla contacts:

  • Email:
  • Skype: adv.coinzilla
  • Telegram

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Ethereum price examination for April nineteenth, 2018 – Nonetheless growing! – The Merkle

Ethereum blog

Ethereum price soared all through Wednesday’s trading sessions to document a working day significant of $527.05. The bullish wave continued controlling Ethereum’s industry all through Thursday’s trading sessions to breach the resistance all over $545.17 (76.four% Fibonacci retracement) as we predicted all through yesterday’s examination. Ethereum price continued growing alongside the new uptrend line, which has been evident since April tenth, achieving $559 at the time of crafting of this examination.

Will ethereum price continue growing all through the subsequent 24 several hours?

“Three white soldiers” obvious on the four hour ETHUSD chart:

Let’s study the four hour ETHUSD chart from Bitfinex, when plotting the twenty time period, 50 time period, and a hundred time period SMAs, as revealed on the under chart. We will also preserve the Fibonacci retracements we plotted all through yesterday’s examination. The orange transverse line signifies the 76.four% Fibonacci retracement which corresponds to the $545.17 price degree. We can notice the adhering to:

  • Ethereum price managed to breach the 76.four% Fib. retracement ($545.17) before all through Thursday’s trading sessions. Note that a solid upwards craze was ignited just after a candlestick touched the upwards craze line (blue upwards sloping line).


  • A “three white soldier” candlestick sample has been shaped by the very last candlestick of Wednesday’s sessions, and the early pair of candlesticks of Thursday’s sessions. This sample reflects the existing bullish sentiment of the industry. The sample is not typical, as the newest candlestick has a somewhat very long downwards shadow. On the other hand, it still signifies a substantial bullish sign, owing to the reality that it was followed by a split as a result of a key resistance degree.


  • The twenty time period SMA has just crossed higher than the a hundred time period SMA. This is a solid bullish sign that is in some cases referred to as a (golden cross). Also, the twenty time period SMA has crossed higher than the 50 time period SMA on April thirteenth, which also reflects the existing bullish sentiment of the industry.


Now, let’s study the one working day ETHUSD chart when plotting the RSI oscillator, and the Ichimoku Cloud indicator, when keeping our Fibonacci retracements from yesterday’s examination. We can notice the adhering to:

  • Following breaking as a result of the resistance all over $545.17, the subsequent substantial resistance lies all over $713.24, which corresponds to the 61.8% Fib. retracement. On the other hand, some resistance may well face the market’s bulls all over $620 as evidenced by historical knowledge from very last December.


  • Ethereum price has crossed higher than Ichimoku’s Cloud Foundation Line (crimson line), which reflects the market’s bullish momentum. Moreover, the Conversion Line (blue line) has just crossed higher than the Foundation Line (crimson line), which signifies a different bullish sign.


  • The RSI at this time values in the vicinity of sixty, which usually means that Ethereum price is still not overbought at the existing price concentrations. The RSI curve is sloping in an upwards path, so it is not diverging absent from the existing bullish price movement.


Ethereum price has broken as a result of a important resistance degree all over $545.17 all through Thursday’s early trading sessions. As per our technological examination, ethereum price will most almost certainly continue growing as it won’t face substantial resistance besides in the vicinity of $620.

Charts from Bitfinex, hosted on


Ethereum News

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Bitcoin is Not A Tool For Illegitimate Transactions, Says Quebec Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist of Quebec, who advises policy makers on scientific matters, released a statement saying that concerns over the criminality of Bitcoin are overblown.

The Chief Scientist of Quebec Rémi Quirion says public concern that Bitcoin is being used for illicit activities like tax evasion and money laundering is largely overblown, Forbes reports April 18.

The statement prepared by the l’Agence Science-Presse, which is a partner of Fonds de Recherche du Québec, said, “Bitcoin is not above the law, nor is it a magnet for illicit transactions: it forms only a tiny part of the criminal money circulating around the planet.”

They add that the transparent and public nature of the Bitcoin Blockchain, where transactions are recorded and distributed across a global network, is not an ideal platform for engaging in anonymous criminal activity.

“The anonymity of Bitcoin is a myth, [it] is no more transparent as money, because you have to go through a platform where you have to give personal information. At the limit, if the name is not his, we always know the address of the transmitter and that of the receiver.”

The statement cites a study from the Center for Sanctions and Illicit Finance of the Defence of Democracies Foundation, stating that “dirty Bitcoins” only represent 0.61 percent of trade and conversion services between 2013 and 2016. The largest proportion in the targeted period was 1.07 percent.

Geneviève Bruno of the Quebec provincial police, Sûreté du Québec, said that money laundering via Bitcoin is “not an emergent phenomenon here and we do not have any records related to that.”

The agency also characterizes allegations of tax evasion via Bitcoin as “anecdotal” adding:

“Most users do not have the skills for themselves [to] manage their portfolios and exchange platforms or online portfolios are already subject to anti-money laundering rules…Since Bitcoin is transparent, it will be very easy to identify all the people trading on an online exchange or portfolio platform.”

While the statement largely refutes allegations of Bitcoin as a tool for criminals, it does urge investors in Bitcoin to remain cautious and exercise due diligence, adding that the ultimate responsibility falls upon the user.

Last month, the operator of the Toronto Stock Exchange, TMX Group, announced that one of its subsidiaries had entered into a partnership to open a cryptocurrency brokerage firm in Canada.

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Ethereum price information: What is the price of Ethereum these days and is Ether on the increase? | Metropolis & Enterprise | Finance

Ethereum website

price ranges proceed to increase these days as the cryptocurrency current market recovers from the US tax deadline. 

Ether has viewed an 8.42 per cent spike in the past hour.

As of 7pm, Ethereum was trading at $557.88, exhibiting solid signs of a ongoing bull-run.

The rest of the crypto-current market has posted solid outcomes as properly. 

Bitcoin is up two per cent to trade at forty eight,234. Ripple is trading at $.728, with Bitcoin Hard cash likely for $940.

Litecoin is also trading larger at $142.

Is Ether on the increase? 

Ethereum price ranges have been steadily escalating alongside with the rest of the current market this week adhering to a tax deadline scare. 

Analysts predicted the deadline for American’s to file their taxes would pressure a prevalent market-off of cryptocurrencies, driving price ranges down as investors tried to elevate cash to pay back for capital gains tax. 

Fundstrat hedge fund CEO, Tom Lee, estimated the IRS will collect $twenty five billion in realised gains from US investors.

He reported: “The most that they’ve ever been given in capital gains in any one yr was $one hundred forty four billion.”

Ethereum price news: What is the price of Ethereum today? Is Ether on the rise? GETTY

Ethereum price information: What is the price of Ethereum these days? Is Ether on the increase?

Ethereum has viewed stocks increase, and information of new partnerships are a welcome aid to investors soon after fears rose that the bubble was about to burst. 

Benjamin Davis, CEO of the London Block Exchange (LBX) told isles that a notable improve in Ether has been despatched by way of his company. 

He reported: “The typical assumption is that institutional investors shy away from new asset courses such as cryptocurrency.

“Nonetheless, that’s not what we are viewing in this article at LBX we have viewed a huge uplift in institutional fascination recently. Due to the fact Q1 2018, we are now dealing with quite a few hundreds of thousands in trades each and every month.

“From hedge money to pension money, institutional investors are using cryptocurrency very seriously.

“At LBX, institutional investors have had accessibility to our over-the-counter desk for some time, which will allow investors to trade cryptocurrencies beneath preferential disorders for high quantity orders.”

Ethereum has been steadily increasing todayCoinMarketCap

Ethereum has been steadily escalating these days

Ethereum creator, Vitalik Buterin, welcomes the improve, but is evidently shocked with how properly it has long gone, with no quick strategies for upcoming achievement. 

Buterin told the FT: “I have no notion. I frequently really do not approach a lot more than three months forward, enable on your own five yrs.”

“It’s the luck of the attract, wherever anyone who gained the attract appears to come to feel like they deserved it for currently being smarter.”

He reported: “You know you’re in a bubble when some fully random job elevating a thing like $8m is like, oh yeah that’s peanuts.”

The seven day chart for ethereum is strongCoinMarketCap

The 7 day chart for ethereum is solid

The god of lightning to strengthen Ether? 

Scientists from Warsaw, Poland, have unveiled a new white paper, entitled: entitled “Foundations of State Channel Networks,” which outlines a protocol built to aid ethereum scale to assistance larger volumes of a lot more advanced intelligent contracts.

Nicknamed Perun, the Slavic god of thunder and lightning, the job aims to move transactions off of the blockchain, as it provides official stability definitions and stability proofs for its protocol.

A tiny innovation possibly, but a single University of Warsaw affiliate professor Stefan Dziembowski, a co-writer of the paper, argues can’t be undersold supplied the nature of worth transfers.

He told CoinDesk: “We are confident that in the context of cryptocurrencies, a sound stability investigation is of particular importance due to the fact stability flaws have a direct monetary worth and consequently, as opposed to in quite a few other settings, are certain to be exploited.”

Ether creator, Vitalik Buterin praised the notion, positing that the stability proofs the crew had applied had been a phase in the appropriate direction for the ecosystem total, and must be studied, if not adopted, by scaling jobs of all varieties.

Buterin reported: ”I absolutely do imagine that we need some kind of general-objective equipment for formally verifying homes of layer-two programs in general.”

Ethereum News

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Chilean Banks vs Crypto Exchanges: Will Citizens Have Access to Technology?

Following Chilean exchange Buda’s decision to fight their banking blockade, the CEO has questioned these banks’ decision making.

Earlier this week, a group of cryptocurrency exchanges in Chile applied to the courts to fight the decision of banks to shut down their bank accounts. The exchanges, including Buda, Orionx, and CryptoMarket (CryptoMKT), state that the banking system in Chile is taking matters into their own hands and that they are “killing the entire industry.”

Banks Itau Corpbanca and Scotiabank announced the closure of the bank accounts of BUDA and CryptoMKT on March 19. A week later, the state-owned Banco del Estado de Chile followed the move by confirming the closure of the accounts of all three cryptocurrency exchanges.

Now, as the exchanges wait for their case to be heard, with some news set to emerge on April 20, according to BUDA’s co-founder and CEO Guillermo Torrealba. The exchanges are left puzzling as to why the banks feel they have the power to deny access to a new wave of technology.

Situation in Chile

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Torrealba outlines the cryptocurrency situation in Chile as precarious, and that the entire open and liberal feeling on this technology is not all as it seems:

“Chile is showing its “B” side, that of being an extremely conservative country, even though we make huge efforts for the world to see us as liberals.”

Torrealba explained that despite the outcry in the media, and even across Twitter, banks are refusing to respond or open their closed accounts. Moreover, according to Torrealba the banks, who seemingly have a large share of power in the country, are making the cryptocurrency environment worse than Ecuador, Bolivia or China:

“The banks have shown their darkest side. Restricting a whole country to access a technology just because they didn’t like it. This is even worse than Ecuador, Bolivia or China’s case, where the government was the one that took the initiative. Because you could judge the decision of a government, because, at the end of the day these players represent the people, and people are free to take whatever path they feel is right.”

Banks ruling over regulators

The issue for Torrealba is that the banks, by closing these accounts and effectively stopping the running of cryptocurrency exchanges, are slowing and prohibiting the progress of cryptocurrency in the country. There is no rule, law, or legislation against digital currency in Chile, yet the banks are operating like stern regulators.

“In Chile the story is different” Torrealba said. “There hasn’t been one regulator, legislator or government official saying that cryptocurrencies aren’t legal, it was just the decision of a very powerful sector of the economy: the banking industry.”

The reason that Torrealba is up in arms about this decision, and is going as far as to get the courts involved, is that he feels as if there has been a restriction on economic liberties.

“So why is this fight important? Because of economic liberty. But not even liberty from an abusive government, but liberty from a corrupt and overpowered financial industry which is protecting itself in the most archaic and prehistoric way: denying a technology in the most open and overly bold way they could find. [The banks are] so openly abusive that everyone agrees that what they’re doing is illegal but that isn’t enough for them to stop. They’re just too big to need to tread carefully, or to act inside the regulatory frame.”

Of course, Torrealba is directly affected by this banking blockade, and for that reason, has every reason to feel the way he does. His justifications may well be emotive, and perhaps inflammatory, however, he is not alone in thinking what he does.

Outsider reactions

There was a slew of reactions from Twitter users both inside and outside of Chile, with the general idea of banks setting the boundaries of cryptocurrency usage clearly getting under the skin of a number users.

But it was not only those reactionary tweets that found this move as odd. Barry Silbert, CEO and founder of Digital Currency Group, tweeted directly to the banks imploring them to change their decision.

Arthur Gervais, a Blockchain professor at Imperial College London and co-founder of Liquidity.Network also agrees with Torrealba about this being a degradation of fundamental rights. Professor Gervais told Cointelegraph:

“Traditional finance intermediaries are likely to experience a fundamental shift in their business models, which understandably creates tensions. The attempt, however, to censor decentralized technology, is not only likely to fail and a fundamental deprivation of human rights, but it’ll further empower and motivate those that develop novel Blockchain technology.”

Ongoing, and precedent setting

It will be interesting to see what comes of this case, and if the exchanges are successful. Cointelegraph will continue to update the story as and when news becomes available.

If the defence of cryptocurrencies as a right for people to access in terms of its technological aspects is successful, it could lead to a lot of fightback from others who are seeing their cryptocurrency businesses being unfairly limited.

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Morgan Stanley: Bitcoin Miners Will Only Profit When Price is Above $8,600

The key price point for Bitcoin mining profitability is $8,600, according to Morgan Stanley Equity Analyst Charlie Chan and his team. As per their simulation, if the coin can’t recover $8,600 soon, many Bitcoin miners will likely find it unprofitable to keep creating the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Mining Profitability

As of today, Bitcoin is trading at almost $8,250 according to Coinmarketcap. The coin is less than half the value it was in late-December, but has improved from early-February numbers, when it hit 2018 lows trading just below $6,000.

“We estimate the break-even point for big mining pools should be US$8,600, even if we assume a very low electricity cost (US$0.03 kW/h),” Chan said

Because of the uncertainty expressed in Morgan Stanley’s report, TSMC, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, lowered its 2018 revenue guidance to 10% growth from 10-15%. The firm estimates that about 10% of the Asian chipmaker’s revenue now depends on cryptocurrency mining demand.

Large groups of miners, primarily in China (think Bitmain), work together in mining pools to improve efficiency. But as more miners participate, the difficulty of the process increases.

“We think the injection of new mining capacity will further increase the mining difficulty in 2H18,” the Morgan Stanley analysts said. “Even if the Bitcoin price stays the same in 2H18, we believe mining profits would drop rapidly, according to our simulation.”

Companies that sell specialized ASIC (application-specific integrated circuits) mining chips, on the other hand, appear to have more leeway. The Morgan Stanley model estimates companies that develop ASICs — which are manufactured for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrency — will break even in two years time if Bitcoin stays above $5,000.

Changing Times

Moving forward, Bill Tai, the chairman of Hut 8 Mining Corp., the North American arm of cryptocurrency mining rig manufacturer Bitfury, expects only 5-10% of the largest miners to survive and be profitable, according to Bloomberg.

“It’s totally different this year than last year. The Bitcoin mining industry was this mysterious dark cottage industry, and it’s about to grow up and about to have elements of institutional scalability at all levels,” Tai said.

The concentration of mining power in the hands of a small number of corporate entities is frowned upon by the large majority of people in the cryptosphere, as it contradicts the very nature of a decentralized network.

A so-called 51% attack, which hit the cryptocurrency Verge earlier this year, would permit a powerful mining pool to effectively steal coins from other users. With the increasing presence of mining pools and ASIC developers, this remains a distant worst case scenario for Bitcoin, although perhaps not as distant as in the past.

Image from Shutterstock.

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The Next Chapter Of Blockchain Is Market Consolidation: Expert Take

The fast pace makes crypto trading fun, but not completely unpredictable.

In our Expert Takes, opinion leaders from inside and outside the crypto industry express their views, share their experience and give professional advice. Expert Takes cover everything from Blockchain technology and ICO funding to taxation, regulation, and cryptocurrency adoption by different sectors of the economy.

If you would like to contribute an Expert Take, please email your ideas and CV to

The cryptocurrency market acts like TV stuck in fast forward. It mirrors traditional market booms and busts but with breakneck speeds that feel more like horse betting than stock trading. The fast pace makes trading fun, addictive and heart wrenching, but it is not completely unpredictable.

Cryptocurrency markets adhere to a psychology of disruptive technology. What is interesting is that Blockchain companies have managed to condense preceding market trends from a few decades to a few years. According to research published by Morgan Stanley, Bitcoin and other respective cryptocurrencies are behaving a lot like how the Nasdaq did during the dot-com bubble but at 15 times the speed.

So, what is next for the cryptocurrency market?

The general consensus is consolidation

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder and Ethereum co-founder, called it in early January. Amid the initial slip of the altcoin market, Hoskinson saw what many market analysts now confirm – a saturated market that was not able to sustain rising competition and diminishing interest.

During an interview with CNBC, Hoskinson stated: “What’s going to occur is a lot of these ventures that don’t have strong fundamentals, don’t have good tech, or just unrealistic projects, they will eventually run into some major wall they can’t quite overcome.”

The enterprise cloud market may be a good indicator of what we can expect next. Think of Blockchain companies like Ethereum, Cardano and Stellar as platforms that parallel big enterprise cloud platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle in the early 2000s.

In the beginning of ‘cloud’, the aforementioned pioneers created platforms based on the novel concept of remote server access. After ‘cloud’ reached mainstream adoption, it sparked a mania of cloud application creation – not unlike the utility token mania we’ve seen with ERC20 (Ethereum’s Token Standard Interface). Once the cloud ecosystem was saturated with tools and applications, companies began to eat one another. Larger platforms created networks of native applications blended with APIs that enabled companies to adopt other successful cloud tools. However, weaker technologies in the cloud ecosystem were either eclipsed and killed by competition, or they were purchased by other companies that wanted to absorb their technology, patents and innovation.

If the Blockchain ecosystem continues to model the disruption of the cloud ecosystem, but at 15 times the speed, we are likely to see an abbreviated cycle of this consolidation.

Take a look at some of the most recent mergers and acquisitions:

At the moment, mergers and acquisitions are relatively low-key and not particularly tied to platforms. However, once platforms have solidified their core products toward the end of the year, we can anticipate more consolidation around collaborative Blockchain ecosystems.

For good measure, look at those companies who are now developing or exploring their own Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). You’ll notice some familiar cloud names. If current Blockchain platforms do not start consuming markets soon, you can bet the giants like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft or Accenture will start feasting.

What does that mean for the original Blockchain trailblazers, newcomers and ICOs?

For the top-tier Blockchain platforms

Consolidation is a critical test of any platforms merit. Only the best platforms will survive, and typically those platforms will have the most robust ecosystem of applications. Today, many platforms are making bids to capture the initial coin offering (ICO) business and further integrations with utility and currency tokens. A clean interface, strategic partnerships and high adaptability will distinguish the top competition.

For the funded, but early stage cryptocurrency companies

Having money in the bank does not make a company bulletproof. The next year will test 2017 to early 2018 ICO companies’ ability to deliver on their promised products. As stated by Hoskinson, those with weak fundamentals will likely collapse. Still, those who have a strong product may face issues with marketing and brand prominence. Every funded company should plan to both improve their product and build a strong network of supporters.

Blockchain is a grow or die industry. Companies should either prepare to have an exit strategy through acquisition, or have a build, buy, and partner itinerary to continue growing.

For ICO and Pre-ICO companies

ICO fundraising has increased in popularity, but also in competition. Where some big names are thriving, others are finding it harder to hit their goals. For March, out of the total $3 bln in ICO funds raised, more than half went to the top three fundraisers – Telegram, Petro and Dragon Coin. The scraps were divided among the 86 runner-ups. At the moment, with diminished cryptocurrency hysteria, investors are making more measured bets. That means there is less easy money on the table. Fewer ICOs are reaching their fundraising goals. As a result, many projects are hibernating, operating on a more exaggerated timeline, or failing outright.

Companies that are starting their ICO process should focus on a clear go-to-market message that stands out. They should also plan to operate lean with less than 25 percent of funding going to salary expenses. They need to seek out support early and often from partners, venture capitalists and others in the cryptocurrency community that have an active presence on exchanges and familiarity with established brands. 

Contrary to most public noise, the consolidation of the Blockchain market is extremely healthy

Consolidation reflects a more mature market that is cleaning up its ‘wild west’ image. In the next few months, the established champions will help galvanize public adoption. A leaner ecosystem will yield more targeted projects that appeal to businesses and individuals. This will hopefully kill off scam projects and ‘pump and dump’ currencies.  

Look for acquisitions and partnerships to dominate as platforms look to build ecosystems with a combination of utility and currency tokens.

The views and interpretations in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of


Ben Noble is a founding partner of MarketBlok, a marketing and PR company for Blockchain technologies. Prior to his cryptocurrency work, Ben was an accomplished marketing professional for cloud-based services.

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NEO, EOS, Litecoin, IOTA and Stellar: Technical Analysis April 20, 2018

We need to see some fundamentals to jolt altcoin price action today. Should there be further gains say in Bitcoin and EOS, they are lagging behind, prices could explode. As statistics shows, Stellar Lumens is spearheading this week’s gain with an impressive 66 percent gain while IOTA is following closely at 43 percent. Even though I still maintain my bullish skew, buying Litecoin, EOS and NEO might present superior returns in the short to medium term.

Let’s have a look at these charts:

XLM/USD (Stellar Lumens)

Everything digital is bound to have their own weaknesses. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, some savvy black hat hackers are having a field day. According to a report from Stellar Protocol Foundation, some $618 Million is missing in 2018 alone. The large chunk of it comes from CoinCheck heist.

As expected, this is but a huge deterrence to adoption as many payment systems are shying away and barring customers from making payment in crypto. To counter this, the Stellar Protocol foundation tasked with mapping out Stellar Addresses shall introduce HTTPS connection between their servers and wallets for security purposes.

Price wise Stellar is towing in as per our previous Stellar Lumens technical analysis. What draws my attention is that upper BB bull candlestick banding and a nice follow through of last week’s bullish pressure. Because of this, we should brace ourselves for higher highs as Lumens add up to their gains. After $0.40, buyers should eye $0.50 and the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement line at $0.70 in the coming weeks.


After Amazon, everything else is now possible. We might as well hear Facebook and Google getting into the blockchain data market place and relaying Bitcoin user transactions to law enforcement. It’s weird because it waters down everything decentralization efforts.

Such moves makes me think IOTA is doing the right thing and holding is a just about the right thing to do. Anyways, so you know the next IOTA wallet snapshot will take place on May 6, 2018. Then the issue of obsoluteTag field and fixes on IRI will be dealt with.

It will sound like a song but there is nothing else I could say. If you look for IOTA buying opportunities in lower time frames and buy in line with our previous IOTA technical analysis, I really think you stand to turn in a profit.

After all, IOTA is up 8 percent in the last 24 hours and 43 percent in the last 7 days. Besides it’s up 15 cents from last week’s highs and that’s why I recommend buys.


Remember, EOS is still crowd funding, don’t forget that. Already it has more than $2B yet the project is not even live. EOS developers are working hard behind the scenes and with Dawn 3.0 and proper decentralization which the platform promises, will it wreck havoc on Ethereum? Well, that’s a maybe or not.

I won’t rely on current EOS vs. Ethereum metrics because the former has a working product while the later is gearing for a mainnet launch. Price pumps are inevitable so let’s wait and see. Then again, EOS is still an Ethereum token.

I will reiterate what I said yesterday. EOS is still trending within a mid-range accumulation and logically, I shall trade with the trend. Already, EOS is up 5 percent and what I need is a break past $9.5 or even $10-the 50% Fibonacci retracement line before I jump in and buy.

In that case stops should be below $8 with targets at $16. Regardless of short term price swings, expect a pump as we approach June mainnet launch.

LTC/USD (Litecoin)

Apart from that 20 percent jump, there is nothing much from the fundamental front we can talk about Litecoin in the last 24 hours or so. Anyways, price action is in line with our Litecoin forecast.

Encouragingly, following yesterday’s price expansion, a bullish break out is visible in the 4HR chart while candlesticks are now banding along the upper BB in the daily chart. All these hints of possible higher highs in the coming weeks and that is why buying on dips in lower time frames can be a good trading plan.


Ok, the Restart Energy team plans on meeting Da Hong Fei and undoubtedly their plans of deregulating worldwide energy markets is grand. However, when possible investors begin talking of Restart Energy plagiarizing their whitepaper from a competitor, Grid+, then those are a lot of red flags.

While this is happening, Moonlight is working towards reducing resource compartmentalization. They shall make this possible through easing recruitment and availing superior analytical project management system.

Technically, NEO is at cross roads and you can check out April 19 doji candlestick if you need some evidence. Even if prices are above $70, conservative trades can stay on the sidelines until there’s further price appreciation.

After all, those who got in early can target $90 on the lower limit and $110 on the upside as per our previous NEO technical analysis.


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The To start with Publicly Traded Business Focused on Ethereum Starts Investing

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Dow Jones Joins With Ethereum-Based mostly Courageous Application

Ethereum web site

A new partnership between future-technology website browser Courageous and the Dow Jones Media Group could introduce new types of written content to on line people as very well as progress blockchain-centered payment know-how.

A strategic partnership between Courageous Application and the Dow Jones Media Group was introduced on April eighteen.  

Courageous is a privacy-centric website browser on the Ethereum blockchain that makes use of an ERC20 token, the essential consideration token (BAT), to monetize users’ consideration to ads. The organization will soon offer entry to “premium written content” from the Dow Jones Media Group to decide on customers on a initially-appear, initially-served basis.

The collaborative work is supposed to progress the application of blockchain know-how for media written content and advertising. Especially, the companions will appraise how delivering written content by using Brave’s electronic advertising platform is received. To accomplish this, Dow Jones stores Barron’s and MarketWatch will grow to be verified publishers on the BAT platform.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Dow Jones Media Group,” claimed Brave’s CEO and co-founder Brendan Eich, who may perhaps be superior acknowledged for co-founding the Mozilla undertaking and inventing Javascript. “Our new product reconnects people and publishers devoid of compromising privacy.”

Equivalent moves have been designed by AT&T and Bayer, each of which were claimed to have enlisted the Amino Payments startup to observe advertisements.

Jordan Daniell is a entire-time personnel writer for ETHNews with a passionate fascination in techno-social developments and cultural evolution. Jordan enjoys the outdoors, primarily astronomy, and likes to play the bag pipes and investigate southern California on foot in his spare time. Jordan life in Los Angeles and retains benefit in Ether.

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