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promising taproot/schnorr activation proposal BIP8(3m,false)

03/06/2021[email protected]/msg09604.html

  • 3months activation interval, 90% hashrate threshold
  • if activated, schnorr enablement is 6mo after begin
  • if not activated, attempt one thing else

the longer enablement delay after activation is attention-grabbing and reduces the chance from unupgraded nodes on companies, miners, wallets, customers and provides them time (a danger in any other case elevated by brief activation window)

whereas the brief activation interval avoids delays or perceived indecision leading to a user-led UASF as SPDY8 is “quick sufficient”, and if the sudden had been to occur and miners unreasonably delayed, then it ought to be simpler to search out consensus on a flag peak activation from there. (truly not clear if BIP 8 or BIP 9, I believe BIP 8 is taken into account an enchancment due to make use of of block heights vs dates which created some delicate drawback up to now).

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