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Send in your questions for Istanbul and 1.x presenters! (Core Dev meeting in Berlin, April 17 – 18)


Boris Mann, María Paula (u/mariapaulafn), and myself (u/trent_vanepps) are organising the next in-person Core Devs meeting – in Berlin next week from April 17-18.

Tentative Presentation Schedule

Background Discussion about meeting topics on ETHMagicians

Istanbul Ethereum wiki:

The presentations in the Main Room will be livestreamed, other talks will likely not be. We are soliciting community questions before the event, broadly focused on the coming Istanbul network upgrade this fall and the ETH 1.x working groups. Presentations may include:

EVM Evolution – EIP 615 (Discussion here)eWASM roadmap / updates

EIP 1559: Fee market change for ETH 1.0 chain (Discussion here)

EIP 152: the Blake2 precompile (EIP here)

Red Queen Sync

Current State Fees / Stateless clients proposals (Medium posts from Alexey)

HF scheduling

State Testing with Whiteblock

HF Security Review process


Block Reward Funding

EIP 233: EIP Process Improvements (Discussion here) (EIP)

EIP 1829: Transaction data cost (EIP Draft here)

EIP 1712 – Invariants, Immutability (EIP Draft here)

EIP process under OASIS (About OASIS)Client implementation scheduling and concerns

Eth1.x Final Boss – GasToken – and how we can kill it (Project Site here)

Finalisation of ETH 1.0 with ETH 2.0 (Discussion here)

ETH V64 enhancements (Discussion here)

Comment below with any specific questions for these topics and we’ll pass them along to the event presenters for consideration.

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