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The Hero’s Journey: Genuine Digital IDs For Bitcoin


Customized genuine engagement design built-in into Bitcoin paradoxically transforms aspirations into unintended outcomes.

The Hero’s Journey: Creating Genuine Digital IDs And Customized Engagement For Bitcoin Decentralized/Distributed Methods


Quite a few Bitcoin podcast discussions have led to the inevitable “wall,” a wall which, thus far, has not been penetrated and its adjoining territory explored. I’m referring to the existential query of how “Bitcoinization” really manifests for every particular person, whereas legacy financial infrastructure and social buildings disintegrate. It’s one factor to romanticize how our new society will in some way magically crawl out of the ashes like some unburned, proud and polished phoenix and fairly one other to face the real-life, ugly hurdles dealing with us.

The deeply embedded detritus of legacy fiat considering and behaviors don’t merely disappear. The truth is, as we transition to the bitcoin customary and the working folks of extremely developed, industrialized international locations grow to be squeezed and additional impoverished throughout the deflationary despair (see Jeff Sales space, “The Worth of Tomorrow”), social unrest will erupt, and inevitably, Bitcoin itself might be blamed and seen by many because the wrongdoer of the collective ache. It doesn’t take profound foresight to foretell that many such folks, in search of blame and easy options, might demand much more centralization and management via the perceived security internet of an more and more highly effective authoritarian state.

Will progress in Bitcoin infrastructure adoption magically and rapidly remodel the superstructure of human organizational design and engagement in some novel corresponding method à la “repair the cash, repair the world”? Or are we doomed to easily “fake and prolong” by overlaying outdated fiat social engagement design on prime of this new financial basis and naively hope all of it smooths out in some way? How can we higher attune the adoption of Bitcoin’s decentralized/distributed financial infrastructure with an empowered, Bitcoin-defined social superstructure? Will our digital ID proceed to be composed of solely goal knowledge (chilly knowledge), whereas our subjective experiences (heat knowledge) stay devalued? How can we assist and develop particular person self-sovereignty via Bitcoin engagement design?

Whereas the Bitcoin meme “repair the cash, repair the world” provides a simplified resolution, this paper and its described superstructure purposes search to penetrate the territory the place modern Bitcoin “thought leaders” and builders have but to discover. Hopefully, we will help keep away from a misguided however presumably very actual collective public response for a stronger totalitarian centralization of energy. We do that by empowering the person with the narrative, mentors and experiences of non-public accountability and self-sovereignty, which assist and result in growing particular person instruments to authentically recreate a peer-to-peer creator financial system. We should grow to be self-empowered entrepreneurs and creators. Suppose “decentralized, designer craftsmanship.”

For this to emerge, we should transfer towards a novel disintermediated, hyper-personalized engagement design which begins and ends with every distinctive particular person.

Nevertheless, earlier than we get to the place we’re going, we have to know the place we’ve been and what we’re at the moment dealing with. Utilizing seductive carrot-stick reward methods and enticements, folks have lengthy been objectified and manipulated by legacy engagement methods. Such “addictive design” methods can actually drive behaviors — via promoting, gaming, social media and extra — however at an excellent price to the person. Sadly, such concentrated behaviorism and operant conditioning, now mixed with emergent tech, have contributed to disabling and disempowering our youth. Judgmental, performance-based exogenous validation methods and its senseless FOMO (concern of lacking out) have helped create an anxiety-ridden, dependent and emotionally fragile technology. These younger adults endure from unprecedented ranges of crippling psychological/emotional illness in disaster proportions, now exacerbated by latest COVID-19 lock downs. Anxiousness and despair, obsessive-compulsive issues, self-harm, habit issues, violence and suicide ranges are off the charts. We’re within the midst of an unprecedented disaster in psychological sickness, and it’s at the moment underpinned and strengthened by exploitive, centralized engagement design. As Nora Bateson has stated, “We have to de-industrialize and re-animate.”

Insular, inflexible groupthink communities can present a perceived “secure haven” with like-minded folks, however in addition they demand their very own slender conformity. Groupthink can detract us from coming to know our distinctive selves and constructing upon our innate abilities. It might preclude us from constructing vibrant communities richly thriving in range and daring creativity. Finally, there may be nothing extra emotionally affirming than being seen by one other for who we really are — our genuine, important selves. We don’t simply neglect such profoundly significant experiences of being authentically seen and validated.

Firms which refuse to additional exploit the vulnerabilities of our youth, and as an alternative empower them with genuine engagement to search out and develop their distinctive abilities, and be authentically seen for his or her distinctive selves, can deliver recent, excessive worth. Hedonic escapism could present non permanent aid however fixes nothing. We dwell in extremely extenuating instances necessitating internal sources and expertise to resiliently adapt and recreate our method out of issue.


Media and its content material distribution have traditionally targeted on easy methods to manipulate and incentivize folks to suppose a sure method or need, purchase and use issues they maybe would in any other case not be inquisitive about. All types of client manipulation methods have been used over time, now leading to a client hardened by faux information, faux engagement, faux relationships, faux ethical correctness and extra. Individuals really feel worse than weary or offended. We’re numb.

Centrally sourced content material messaging is suspect. It can’t be trusted. It’s inauthentic. We’re objectified and hustled. Younger folks right now don’t merely need extra stuff. They need experiences.

What folks need now greater than something are the experiences of genuine engagement, that means, objective and expression. These sought-after emotions of self-determinism and genuine engagement are at the moment not impressed or supported by exogenous advertising and marketing sources. In fact, such emotions can solely be self-generated and cultivated from inside every individual. Those that want to attain a extra self-empowered state can assume private accountability to domesticate such instruments to assist them get there. Why shouldn’t social, gaming and advertising and marketing establish, tackle and develop upon what’s most desired intrinsically by the client and supply the methodologies for getting there? In so doing, is that this not offering genuine and well timed “worth” to the client?

James Andrews is head of product at Genies, and writer of “Self-Expression, Spirituality and Gen Z.” He expresses properly the mandate for the brand new, self-sovereign digital identification, its demand for empowered self-knowing and genuine engagement. He asks, “What occurs although when you’ve got a whole technology chasing their genuine selves?”

“The Repair”: Advertising and marketing For Decentralized/Distributed Bitcoin Applied sciences

So, how does the brand new Bitcoin market of engagement attune to every distinctive particular person, whereas additionally delivering extremely curated and personalised, genuine and significant engagement experiences to that particular person? What’s related or inspirational for one individual will not be for one more. Not everybody engages the identical method. “The repair” just isn’t present in utilizing some new know-how overlayed with same-old legacy design methodologies solely to supply equally poor outcomes. “The repair” is utilizing Bitcoin applied sciences integrating biomimetic engagement design specializing in the distinctive particular person and never compelling the person to contort to a standardized platform.

As we speak’s design “meta pattern” is rapidly shifting from industrial-era centralization to digital-era decentralized and distributed methods. The general public, open-source foundational settlement layer, Bitcoin, is seeing speedy adoption globally and is experiencing a mass migration from centralized web websites to a decentralized/distributed and disintermediated web layer the place all engagement could be monetized, streaming to the seconds. There’s a speedy birthing of Layer 2 and three peer-to-peer engagement methods constructed on prime of, pegged to or side-chained that disintermediate legacy third events whereas empowering the distinctive particular person. And in contrast to legacy/centralized websites (“the Boomer’s web”), this distributed design has capacities to now curate and hyper-personalize merchandise, providers and experiences to the distinctive particular person in a dynamic inspirational and aspirational method.

So, how will we do that? How will we transfer from top-down, standardized, industrial-era design to specializing in the digital personalization of the distinctive, extremely nuanced particular person in a significant, personalised method? What novel matrix biomimetic to our personal human biologic design can be utilized for such individuation going ahead?

First, we reject our overdependency upon centralized behaviorist/operant conditioning engagement design.

Secondly, we worth, assist, facilitate and rejoice the sturdy sense of self-determinism by the person. The main target and dedication are on authentically partaking with the person on their phrases. A wholesome internal locus of management is developed by figuring out and scaffolding upon the person’s distinctive intrinsic motivators. If we all know what play is, and isn’t, we are able to establish intrinsic motivators and genuine engagement patterns and patterns inside patterns. This then turns into the matrix for genuine personalised engagement design and supplies user-generated knowledge to fine-tune identification and focus personalised content material distribution.

Thirdly, monetization alternatives emerge. By means of genuine engagement and growing an internal locus of management and self-determinism, alternatives to capitalize on one’s progress and creativity ensue, because the engagement matrix and identification cloth contribute to the event of an genuine digital ID. All engagement, from gaming to social to enterprise and past, turns into streaming monetization on prime of decentralized/distributed bitcoin. A sturdy peer-to-peer creator financial system emerges. Individuals create and pursue what they love and are actually paid to play.

How are these three targets achieved? What are the myriad cross-sector purposes? Right here is however a quick synopsis.


Nature’s hard-wired engagement design in all animals just isn’t recreation mechanics however play. Play is the primary precept of self-generated, self-motivated and self-sustaining engagement design, whereas gaming and behaviorist design aren’t. These centralized and manipulative designs objectify the person and are based mostly solely on goal knowledge, neglecting the person’s subjective, heat knowledge. Play is a elementary survival drive; the exogenous reward methods and enticements underpinning behaviorist design and recreation mechanics aren’t. Whereas gaming is a small side or subset of play, it’s not the entire of play. And never everybody likes video games. Conversely, we’re all subcortically hardwired to play, and everybody performs in another way. The cosmic joke, the playful paradox, is that regardless of our variations and the actual fact all of us play in another way, we are able to meet and interact via the languages of play.

Genuine play is genuine engagement: It’s self-generated, self-motivated and self-sustained and disintermediated. As soon as somebody tries to intermediate or management the engagement, it’s now not play, and the various helpful outcomes of genuine engagement are misplaced. If we all know what play is, and what it’s not, we are able to establish inside people their genuine engagement patterns and patterns inside patterns. This then turns into the matrix for genuine personalised engagement design. Genuine play engagement is how we establish and develop what we like to do, what we like, what we aspire to, and it identifies and develops our intrinsic motivators, drive and grit (all “heat knowledge”).

By suppressing or hijacking entry to genuine play, an individual’s sense of self and internal locus of management ultimately grow to be stunted. They ultimately endure from anybody or just a few of the panoply of destructive penalties related to play deprivation, together with the plague of psychological sickness. They both isolate into hedonic escapist behaviors or grow to be mindlessly dependent, anxiously chasing extrinsic rewards and exogenous validation. This stunts their moxie, their inside drive, internal locus of management, wholesome sense of self, creativity and flexibility. These degraded human potentials are the attributes wanted in sturdy trend to forge the distinctive being, one’s genuine expression, whereas growing vanity, that means and objective and flexibility in a world in nice transition. Play foments creativity and evolutionary adaptation.

As an older lady who grew up taking part in on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil within the 60’s and 70’s, I really feel the lack of free, genuine play in our tradition. Play has been hi-jacked and sublimated by intermediaries, resulting in an excellent loss in genuine engagement, that means and objective, social expertise, creativity and problem-solving, and community-building. Because of standardized efficiency testing, centralized media, extrinsic reward methods and different exogenous measurements, our youngsters grew up valued for his or her conformist efficiency, and never who they had been intrinsically meant to grow to be. We will repair this via recreating a disintermediated world engagement design on Bitcoin.

An older, pre-retirement, long-distance truck driver who misplaced his job to FSD semi-trucks just isn’t the identical because the low vanity younger lady who anxiously seeks exogenous validation via objectifying herself. But every can probably recreate their selves in a method that works for them. Nevertheless, that is powerful to perform after we lack the instruments, insights, methodologies and supportive group to take action, significantly after we’ve been dependent, uncritical, fiat-thinking conformists all our lives, and software program is consuming legacy jobs. With heat knowledge built-in into decentralized and personalised genuine engagement design, “Bitcoin can repair this,” too.

The worth and invention right here contain the system, methodologies, designs and myriad purposes for figuring out and scaffolding upon a singular particular person’s intrinsic motivators as a matrix for personalised, intrinsically motivated, genuine engagement design and a self-sovereign identification adaptable to emergent decentralized/distributed methods. The engagement profile/play persona is a dynamic composition of play conduct patterns which could be collated from IRL and on-line via many means, relying upon its topic. No two persons are the identical or have interaction the identical method. The composition and weight of engagement patterns are infinite, so every profile/play persona is exclusive. One just isn’t inherently higher than the opposite. It’s simply completely different, as nature supposed. Nature loves range.

The distinctive intrinsic engagement profile/play persona could be collated for every distinctive particular person dynamically, from beginning to outdated age, and used as their avatars and/or dopplegangers. An immediately recognizable and decipherable graphic icon can symbolize the composition of play persona/engagement profile for every distinctive particular person so one other individual immediately is aware of easy methods to attune and uniquely have interaction with growing nuance, empathy and respect. Every of us can symbolize our personal model and put on and specific it proudly. Merchandise, providers and experiences could be curated to the distinctive particular person in order that advertising and marketing and commercial don’t manipulate customers by asking them to contort themselves however as an alternative attune with their innate proclivities to authentically have interaction. Legacy advertising and marketing protocols are flipped, validating the distinctive individual on their phrases, and offering added worth in an genuine method. We deindustrialize our education methods, and our youngsters grow to be blessed with personalised studying alternatives recognized, pushed and scaffolded by their very own intrinsic pursuits and genuine engagement.

Of specific word: As a result of play states, like sleep states (each play and sleep are elementary survival drives), can now be biometrically recognized, optimum genuine engagement alternatives could be personalised and designed to every distinctive person derived by their biometric knowledge (e.g., non-addictive gaming personalised for optimum play states with numerous well being and performance-related outcomes).

The myriad purposes of this novel engagement design are instantly aligned with emergent identification within the decentralized/distributed metaverse and have broad cross-sector purposes, together with hyper-personalization in promoting and content material supply, ML/AI, AR/VR, IoT, gaming, social media, preventive drugs, training and a lot extra. Really this could be a design that simply migrates throughout all sectors.


When the measurement of efficiency targets (chilly extrinsic knowledge) grow to be extra vital than the inherent pleasure and attunement present in an exercise (heat intrinsic knowledge), now we have misplaced genuine engagement and the transformational recreative energy of play. The exercise turns into work. Creativity is misplaced. Self-sustainability, private company and possession/accountability are diminished.

By integrating personalised genuine engagement design into Bitcoin’s superstructure/social protocols, the advantages and targets we aspire to can grow to be the unintended outcomes. It’s a playful paradox. Nevertheless, that is nature’s design. If people are to dwell sustainably and joyfully, it must be ours as properly.

“All bear the inherent proper to grow to be sovereign of the self — not solely in physique and thoughts, however in soul, for any authority that’s allowed to rule over you, does so by taking a bit of who you actually are.” — Dan Thomas

This can be a visitor publish by Kristen Cozad. Opinions expressed are completely their very own and don’t essentially mirror these of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Journal.