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TRON Grows On Gambling Dapps And Ethereum On Gaming

TRON Grows

TRON grows within its decentralized app ecosystem and the things are looking quite good for Ethereum and TRON while EOS doesn’t seem to have the same luck as we are reading more in the tron news today.

DappRadar, the Lithuanian dapp data aggregator and analysis firm explained:

“While [Ethereum and Tron] are increasing in 2020 January in comparison to 2019 January, EOS is facing a decrease in daily active users by 61%.’’

According to their reports that we now have in our tron news, the firm looked into these blockchains, outlining that the performances of these blockchains can give a clue on the dapp ecosystem’s direction and what can be expected this year. While Ethereum did see its bigger growth, TRON grows in its daily active user category. The Justin Sun network was stuck with gambling and high risks dapps and is failing to expand outside this field while EOS is getting dragged down by the network congestion because of the launch of the EIDOS token which was ‘’ a mischevious experiment gone wrong, at worst an aggressive DDOS attack.’’

The daily active unique wallets for TRON increased by more than 33 percent compared to last year and the user base increased by 8 percent only in January, reaching more than 20,000 users. However, the steady increase in active wallets is seen in only one category. TRON has more than 2,600 daily active unique wallets which were followed by RocketGame and WINk. The numbers were dropping in some other categories such as the Games and Marketplaces but also Exchanges:

“Tron as a maturing dapp ecosystem is still failing to expand outside of gambling and high-risk dapps.’’

The daily active unique wallets increased by 82 percent between 2019 and 2020 and the number was going from 9,264 to a 30-day trailing average of about 17,000 users on Ethereum. The number of users in the games and marketplaces category, increased by 162 percent since the start of 2019 while My Crypto Heroes is the most popular game. There are other new games that benefit from the large community such as Brave Frontier Heroes. Speaking about the DeFi (decentralized finance) the Tron news reports show that the average daily active unique wallets, increased by 7 percent mainly in the second half of the month, reaching a few 1,400 users. The Exchanges category increased by more than 10 percent in January.

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