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Ubisoft Will Validate Transactions On Axie’s ETH Sidechain


The gaming giant Ubisoft will validate transactions on Axie’s new Ethereum sidechain which will improve its scaling features and will accommodate more players as we read more today in our ETH latest news.

Axie Infinity launched a public testnet for the Ronin Sidechain for ETH and now Ubisoft will validate transactions on the sidechain alongside Binance. The publisher got involved with various gaming-related blockchain projects.  Axie Infinity is a digital pet game that merged influences for example form Pokemon and Tamagotchi, which also announced the public testnet launch of the new sidechain to help it scale as more players join on board so now Ubisoft will be involved as well.

axie infinity

Ubisoft is a game publisher of major traditional game franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance but now, it will serve as the launch validator for Ronin, the ETH sidechain. The sidechain lets the game offload actions to a second, and they are connected to the blockchain that is designed to help Axie infinity minimize the impact of ETH network congestions and will speed up the game as well. the public testnet period is expected to last for a few months according to the blog post.

The game publisher is one of the launch validators while Binance, NFT data provider, Animoca Brands, and blockchain-based company SPARQ are also onboard. Validators approve the transactions to and from the Ronin sidechain as well as update price oracles and other key administrative tasks that affect Axie Infinity.

DappRadar listed Axie Infinity as the most popular blockchain-based game in terms of users. over the past 30 days, the site noted that Axie Infinity had about 18,590 users which is more than nine times bigger than the ones listed for the second-place game EvolutionLand. Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis raised $860,000 in an AXS governance sale token which came on the back of increasing user tallies for the game and high-priced sales of the Axie NFT creatures. One sold for 300 ETH or $130,000. Now, Ronin’s sidechain will add proof-of-stake elements and more layer 2 solutions to aid scaling.

Ubisoft is the most traditional game publisher in the blockchain space and it has worked with numerous blockchain developers as part of the Entrepreneur Lab program which provides office space and guidance to other startups. Sky Mavis joined the program in 2019 and the developers of fellow crypto gamins Spliterlands and Sorare were also involved.