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What is going on with DEVCON?


There are many people not attending the conference that are closely involved with Ethereum in one way or another. DEVCON is clearly not meant for us. That is a real missed opportunity.

There is a single livestream of one room that was setup as an afterthought that is not even on most of the time.

If you missed it, there is not even a way to catch up the replay. Last year, it took weeks and weeks for the recordings to be uploaded, well after most of the media interest had waned. There is no indication that this time will be any different.

Most of what we can rely on is a few random tweets and second hand accounts.

How it is possible that the largest and most important blockchain tech conference in the world is performing this consistently poorly when it comes to online media (every year is the same story!)?

We should be able to watch DEVCON like we can follow conferences such as E3 or Apple WWDC. DEVCON is the big event. It is the Woodstock of crypto. Instead, there is evidently very little to no energy being dedicated for people not physically present at the conference. Help!… That does not make any sense!

What is going on here? How can this be the case when we are talking about a DIGITAL, ONLINE technology that is meant to support the values of OPENNESS, TRANSPARENCY, EQUALITY?

How many people are attending? Thousands? Imagine then the number of people not attending that would love to or simply need to experience it online!

Looking at the reactions on Reddit, it seems that instead of generating excitement, DEVCON is operating in a shroud of mystery and mostly generating frustration. This situation is incomprehensible. How can we get the EF/DEVCON team to DISTRIBUTE the news, the wisdom, the love?

>Ethereum is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications. –

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