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Why You Need Blockchain Education in 2021

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Enterprises are increasingly realizing the benefits of using blockchain solutions to solve their most complex problems.

Blockchain solutions carry huge advantages such as faster tracking of items through a supply chain, faster access to records, and trustless information sharing, which are powerful draws for companies and businesses from all sectors of the economy.

See here for how blockchain technology can deliver benefits to the seafood industry for example.

No matter where you look, companies of all sizes and economic activity are adopting distributed systems, creating heightened demand for blockchain proficient career professionals. This in turn creates increased career opportunities and a wealthy supply of job opportunities for prospective job candidates.

Blockchain education is fast becoming a core requirement for business and technical experts no matter the field as the world rapidly moves towards digital solutions.

Reflecting this demand, according to a 2020 survey conducted by LinkedIn, blockchain was listed as the #1 most in-demand skill preferred by employers.

As the future of work goes digital with remote working arrangements, and the preferred usage of digital solutions in industries, those who start now have a chance to stand out and get ahead at this early stage of a fascinating new industry such as blockchain.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs)

So, enterprises are adopting blockchain, but what about the public sector?

Governments are usually very slow to adapt and have been known to take a conservative, bureaucratic approach to new groundbreaking ideas. Yet, even here, things are moving rapidly.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are new forms of digital money being pushed by many central banks around the world. These new types of nations’ currencies would be issued electronically in a distributed system that would allow for fast record-keeping and cheap transactions while also being programmable. They are also easier to audit and control the supply and demand of money.

Due to the many advantages CBDCs have over regular physical cash and today’s electronic money, several countries are beginning to experiment with them. Most notably, China has been working on a CBDC for years and implemented them in a few cities.

CBDCs are a use case of blockchain and distributed ledger solutions in general. Blockchain education will be key to understanding the future economy and monetary system.

If technology continues to progress along the path laid by CBDCs, blockchain education will become a core subject for any curriculum and require understanding by many current and new  professions.

Certification and Patents

Source: freepik

University titles, patents, health certificates, and other types of important documents proving the validity of a piece of information is another fertile ground for blockchain adoption. As these would be recorded in a trustless, immutable network, they would gain a lot more validity than in the outdated, current system used today.

Right now, certificates at the international level are regulated by a labyrinth set of byzantine rules. These are difficult to navigate and expensive to acquire due to regional barriers and different standards used everywhere. They create roadblocks and obstacles for students looking to study abroad, exporters and importers, and anyone dealing with people outside their country.

Blockchain stands to eliminate this issue with a more efficient solution that directly connects stakeholders with one another without the labyrinth of rules in the middle.

Countries like South Korea have begun experimenting with university degrees issued over the blockchain. Custom officials are also deploying blockchain traceability solutions to verify documentation.

Thus, blockchain education can empower prospective students and career professionals to create solutions to facilitate the fast certification of goods and records internationally. Regardless of the industry of career, soon, all verifiable proof will migrate to distributed systems.

How EMURGO Can Meet Your Needs

As we have discussed, blockchain is gaining awareness and becoming fast in-demand by many traditional and new industries.

Enterprises are looking to leverage blockchain for more of their verticals which will require a supply of more proficient blockchain career professionals.

Within the blockchain industry, many new exciting projects are developing and looking for blockchain proficient developers and non-developers to expand.

Both the public and private sectors will adopt blockchain technology to a greater or lesser degree, and blockchain technology will inevitably become as ubiquitous as the Internet is right now.

To prep yourself for this demand for blockchain professionals, it is important to get a blockchain education right now to equip you with the basics of blockchain and practical application of its use cases.

A great place to do so is EMURGO Academy.

Our platform offers courses for all types of learners, from technical aspects to foundational concepts.

No matter your career path, blockchain education will set you apart and help prepare you for the future of work.

For more information, please visit the links above and/or feel free to contact us at [email protected]